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Mountain West Medical is known as a superlative orthopaedic distributor that delivers innovative solutions that enable physicians to achieve their practice and patient care goals. Our offering of implants & instruments all are designed to enhance a surgeon’s ability to help their patients live active and pain-free lives.


NOVASTEP’s global outreach is committed to the design, development, medical education and delivery of technologies that target bone, joint and soft tissue disorders of the foot and ankle.  Novastep’s cleanSTART®­ packaging and delivery technology offers the surgical team a systematized approach towards operating room efficiency and inventory control.

FH ORTHOPEDICS represents more than 45 years of work and passion, devoted to creating innovative implants, evaluation and clinical follow-up.  Of the most recent and innovative products developed by FH, there are:  Traumatology for ligament repair, the ESP range for lumbar and cervical discs,TELEGRAPH and ARROW for traumatology and shoulder reconstructions, TENOLIG for Achilles tendon repair and the entire bePOD range of products for the foot with, in particular, instruments designed for mini-invasive forefoot surgery.

OMNI LIFESCIENCE has a solid grounding in orthopaedic engineering, which is enhanced by its forward-thinking culture. We have a steadfast focus on purposeful innovation and are continuously adding to and improving our products and services. OMNIBotics, a robotic-assisted surgical platform, allows surgeons to conduct patient specific total knee surgery designed to enhance patient satisfaction. OMNI designs, manufactures and distributes orthopaedic implants for knees and hips incorporating time-proven features with innovative concepts designed through the collaboration with expert surgeon-consultants.